We need volunteers for the following programs. Please contact First Friends Volunteer Coordinator Rosa via email at info@firstfriendsnjny.org or telephone 908-965-0455 and let her know how you’d like to get involved.


jail-visitWe make personal contact with detainees to assure them that their dignity is respected and to facilitate a channel for contacting those outside of the detention system. Visit immigrant detainees at the Elizabeth Detention Center (EDC), the Hudson County Correctional Center (HCCC), the Bergen County Jail (BCJ) and at Essex County Correctional Center-Delaney Hall (DH). Training and access for visiting are provided by First Friends. Hundreds of detainees are requesting visits because they have no one, be a first friend to one of them today! Urgent need for Spanish speakers.

PEN PALSstampoutdespair

We need volunteers who can write to detainees regularly. This is a great opportunity for those who are house-bound or who are not able to visit the detention centers.


Stamp Out Despair is our semi-annual collection of writing materials for detainees– paper, envelopes, stamps, and when funds permit, phone cards– so they can keep in touch with family members. We need donations, as well as help to pack folders of materials. Click here for more details.


We hope to engage all volunteers and the rest of the public in our advocacy efforts under the name of First Friends. Follow our website. Follow us on Facebook, and Twitter. Help us spread the word about immigrant justice and the need to end mass detention.