• Volunteer Visitations: We make personal contact with detainees to assure them that their dignity is respected and to facilitate a channel for contacting those outside of the detention system. Visit immigrant detainees at the Elizabeth Detention Center (EDC), the Hudson County Correctional Center (HCCC), the Bergen County Jail (BCJ) and at Essex County Correctional Center-Delaney Hall (DH).
  • Post Release Support: We provide hands-on post release support for detainees including transportation, temporary housing, emergency funds and mentoring.
  • Advocacy: First Friends works directly with the jails and detention centers to improve conditions as well as advocate on behalf of individuals in detention. First Friends also works with a wide range of partner organizations which advocate for the end of detention on both the local and national level.
  • Bond Payment: First Friends helps detainees pay court-ordered bonds to secure their release as they await their court hearing, enabling our friends to avoid living in the inhumane prison-like conditions of the detention centers and jails.
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